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Access Your Inner Calm Workshop
Kandos April 2024

Learn EFT Tapping: An Easy and Safe Way to Clear Your Anxious Feelings

A Results-Driven Approach

Self-help techniques that help you achieve inner calm and clear unwanted feelings quickly. Easy to learn and backed by scientific research.

Your teacher, Lesley White, is a knowledgeable and warm teacher and a seasoned energy healing practitioner.

This workshop is suitable for adults who can self-regulate enough to  participate nicely in a (mostly seated) class for 45 minute stretches.


Class Outline:
EFT 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' 

Workshop 1: The Essentials (1.5 hours)

  • A bit about how your brain works.

  • The science of Tapping: how it helps; what accupressure points to tap on; focussing and what to say. 

  • How to track improvements.

  • Practice time: with a focus on increasing inner calm and settling anxious feelings

  • Handouts and resources


Workshop 2: Skill Building (45 mins)

  • Builds on 'The Essentials'

  • Extra practice to build confidence

  • Prerequisite: The Essentials Workshop.

The workshops will be on the same day with a 30 minute break between the two.


Location & Pricing

If there's enough interest to go ahead, I will book a room in Kandos on a Tuesday afternoon during the April 2024 School Holidays.

Workshop 1: The Essentials. 1.5 hours. A$35

Workshop 2: Build Your Skills. 45 mins. A$15

Payment due in advance to confirm your place.
Numbers limited to keep class personal. Spots will be allocated on a first-paid basis. 

I'm excited to teach you this easy and effective approach to transforming anxious and stressful feelings.


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Yes, I'm interested

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Thanks for submitting!

Hi, I'm Lesley, a healing practitioner at Sacred Renewal Studios: my complementary healing practice in Lithgow and online. 

I've lived in Central West NSW (Australia) for over 8 years. I love this district so much. 

However, there is so much unmet need for complementary approaches to wellbeing; especially approaches you can learn to use yourself at home. I'm passionate about being part of the solution.

Thanks for visiting this page. Let me know you're interested in attending one or both classes by completing the form above. 

If there's good interest, I will hire a room and email a class outline showing what you can expect with details on location/time and how to book your spot.

As you'd expect, EFT Tapping and th other energy healing tools and techniques I use and teach are not substitutes for conventional medical and mental care. They complement your existing care.


Also, group classes are more general in nature and not the right time to address individual trauma, extreme-distress or highly specific personal situations. Those are best left for private appointments. This ensures that we stay on track so that everyone in the group gets the most out of our limited time together and gains skills being taught.

It only took one session of tapping with Lesley to release some heavy grief and PTSD I was stuck in after experiencing a traumatic event.
Lesley is a highly gifted EFT/tapping practitioner who is now my go to for any emotional release work. Better still Lesley now has an treatment space in Lithgow, making it too easy to access her healing finesse.

Alison, Business Owner & Mother

What is EFT tapping? 
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a brief self-applied stress reduction technique using elements of cognitive therapy, with physical stimulation of acupuncture points. It is often referred to as ‘Tapping’ as it uses a two finger tapping process on known acupuncture points.

When there is a misalignment between our energy system and our physical body, it can lead to an imbalance that negatively affects both our physical and mental health.

EFT can address a range of issues by simply focusing on the issue you would like to address with an acceptance statement, along with a simple two finger tapping technique.

Effectiveness has been established for phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, pain and more (see 'The evidence' section below).

History of Tapping
Emotional Freedom Techniques - called 'EFT Tapping' - was developed by Dr. Gary Craig in the mid 1990s. It followed on from a therapy named Thought Field Therapy - known as 'TFT Tapping' - which was discovered in 1980 by Dr. Roger Callahan, PhD, an American Psychologist who accidentally discovered the amazing benefits of tapping therapy while working on a patient's water phobia for over a year. 


When Dr. Craig realised, through repeated observations, that the sequence of tapping did not matter as long as it helped the individual in need he developped EFT as a simplified and easier to follow therapy.

The evidence

In the early days TFT and EFT were greeted with much sceptisicm. However the period since 2010 has been characterised by extraordinary growth in scientific research and evidence on the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Mainstream acceptance has also increased substantially. 

  • As of 2020: 18 randomised control trials, 50+ randomised control trials, 50+ pre-post outcome studies, 50+ trials in non-English journals

  • 2014–2016: 2 meta-analyses show energy psychology effective for depression and anxiety 

  • 2017: Meta-analysis shows EFT effective for PTSD

  • 2019: Meta analysis shows tapping on the acupressure points is an active ingredient in the process (changes not due to the therapeutic relationship, other factors such as deep breathing etc)

  • 2018-2019: Two studies on DNA changes after EFT First fMRI study on EFT published

  • 2019: Blue Knot Foundation for (trauma) includes EFT in PTSD clinical guidelines in Australia

  • 2020: EFT approved under the National Insurance Disability Scheme NDIS) for therapy in Australia 2020: Australian Psychological Society features EFT during National Psychology Week as emerging approach for pain

  • 2020: APA journal (USA) published EFT cortisol replication study

  • 2020: A major review of psychological treatments for PTSD – Energy psychology (combined somatic/cognitive therapies) was the 2nd most effective at reducing PTSD symptoms at the end of treatment to waitlist (after EMDR which was found to be most effective). Further, energy psychology had the greatest cost savings over no treatment, followed by EMDR, trauma-focused CBT and then other treatments

  • 2021: APA approved EFT to be reviewed for trauma and PTSD and inclusion on the evidence based psychological treatments list (Dr Peta Stapleton of Australia's Bond University is leading this evaluation for the APA)

More About Your Teacher, Lesley

If you're looking for classes or private sessions (available in Lithgow or online) aimed at balancing and transforming unwanted emotions, limiting beliefs, or the emotional and bio-energetic aspects of pain, I'm here to offer my support.

  • 20 years of experience in energy healing and energy psychology

  • 20 years of coaching business owners and senior managers

  • Certified in Clinical EFT Tapping, Usui Reiki, and other modalities

  • Diploma in Energetic & Spiritual Healing

  • Advanced Certificate in Meditation Facilitation

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Complementary Approach to Wellbeing

By participating in Sacred Renewal Studios' classes, workshops, events, or private appointments, you acknowledge the scope and limitations of EFT tapping and energy healing tools and techniques. You agree to approach your health and wellness with due diligence, respecting the unique context of healthcare and wellness practices in Australia.


At Sacred Renewal Studios, my commitment is to provide supplementary 'adjunct' therapies, skill training, and resources that support your journey towards well-being, within the context of a holistic and balanced approach to health.


I encourage open communication with your healthcare professionals, including GPs, specialists, and allied health workers, to ensure your path to healing is both effective and safe. It's crucial that you continue with any treatments and medications recommended by them. Your healthcare team will collaborate with you to adjust their prescribed approach as their assessment evolves. Feel free to discuss with them the need for a review or new tests if you believe it necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and for taking responsible steps towards your health and well-being. My goal is to support you on your journey, complementing the care you receive from your medical and mental health providers.

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