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Unlock Your Performance Edge: Achieve Sporting Excellence with EFT Tapping and Energy Work

Fed up of hitting plateaus? Frustrated by mental blocks holding you back?

Unleash your real potential.

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Whether you're an amateur who is just starting out or a serious competitor with wins on the board, the inner game is crucial for sports people and athletes who want to quickly master new skills, bounce back from a hard training session or injury and get into, or maintain, 'flow' during important events and comps. 


Elite athletes across sports like golf (studies show a 36% average improvement), basketball (research suggests a 20% free throw boost), Formula 1 (think Fernando Alonso tapping before races), and even the NRL (Former State of Origin Captain and player Paul Gallen turned to tapping) are using a powerful tool to dominate their game: EFT Tapping.

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a powerful tool used by athletes worldwide to unlock their peak performance. Imagine a way to quiet pre-game jitters, silence that inner critic holding you back, and even bounce back faster from injuries. EFT Tapping does exactly that.

This drug-free technique combines elements of cognitive behavioural therapy with acupressure. By gently tapping on specific points on your face, torso and hands while focusing on a specific challenge, EFT can help you disrupt negative emotional patterns that might be hindering your performance.

It's a simple, science-backed technique that helps you overcome mental blocks, manage performance anxiety, and accelerate recovery. It's all about optimising your mind-body connection for peak performance.

Here's how EFT Tapping can elevate your game:

  • Sharpen your focus & mental agility: Maintain laser focus and make split-second decisions with clarity, even under pressure.

  • Ditch limiting beliefs: Breakthrough self-doubt, overcome fear of failure, and replace them with unwavering self-confidence.

  • Boost resilience & recovery: Bounce back faster from injuries and setbacks, transforming them into opportunities for growth.

  • Achieve peak performance & flow: Experience effortless flow states and reach your full athletic potential.

  • Increased self-confidence: Develop unshakeable self-belief, a key differentiator between high-performing and elite athletes. Self-confidence facilitates concentration, sets ambitious goals, increases effort, and more.

Ready to unlock your performance edge?

My personalised 'EFT for Sports Success' program uses the same tapping techniques as elite athletes worldwide. It's easy and fun, definitely not a boring talkfest! 

Don't just take my word for it:

  • Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health. Between the pre- and post-test time points, participants experienced significant decreases in anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, and cravings, and a significant increase in happiness. This was confirmed by physiological markers, e.g. Cortisol down 37% after a single 1 hour session.

  • "EFT with Lesley reduced my anxiety and boosted clarity for decision-making," says Steve, board member of a renowned British football team.

  • "EFT supported my recovery from a major ankle operation," shares Brad, a seasoned Australian walker, climber and remedial masseur.

  • "My ear pain went away so I could complete the dive for my PADI Diving Certification," Karen, amateur diver.

Some Research Studies:

What makes me different?

  • Warm, approachable coaching style.

  • Proven tapping techniques with scientific backing.

  • Simple explanations you can easily understand.

  • Programs tailored to your individual or team goals.

  • Let's work together to take your performance to the next level.


Contact me today.

Book a session or schedule a quick call to discuss how EFT Tapping can help you achieve your sporting goals.



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