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Sacred Renewal


Benefit from Energy Healing that Really Works,
in Person in Lithgow and Online.

Welcome to a heart-centered space for personal and professional wellbeing in Lithgow, NSW, Australia and Online globally (during Australian Eastern time working hours). 

You're in the right place if you're looking to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Heal from past trauma or current phobias

  • Restore emotional balance

  • Release limiting beliefs, or

  • Fast track your career, business, academic or sporting trajectory

and you're open to holistic (body-mind-spirit) approaches to well-being and peak performance.

Meet Lesley, Your Energy Healing Practitioner

Hello! I'm Lesley, a certified energy healer and transformation facilitator.

I work with clients from all walks of life to address challenges that leave them

feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stuck or unfulfilled.


With experience of being burnt out from self-imposed and outside expectations through workaholic years, to being bullied and 'othered' during my school years, and suffering and grieving over the loss of loved ones; I know what it's like to yearn for answers that speak to your heart and help you thrive. I'll be the last person to say that I have all the answers (I don't!) but I do know that I am skilled in applying many techniques that can help a lot of people, alot.


If you feel drawn to progressing your healing journey in a compassionate space where you will be supported as you experience transformative approaches to wellness and personal growth, I would love to work with you.

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Personal Transformation & Empowerment

Sacred Renewal Studios in Roy Street, Lithgow (Australia) and Online serves as a catalyst for deep transformation, helping clients navigate their journey towards holistic wellness, success, and fulfillment. 
My particular areas of focus are:

  • working with wellness seekers who want to feel better across body, mind, emotions, spirit

  • empowering professionals who want to gain the edge to navigate business challenges and career transitions with confidence;

  • creating and leading tailored programs for individuals with self-limiting beliefs that function as an inner glass ceiling, hindering them from reaching their full potential; and 

  • guiding young adults to find inner peace and balance during this formative period of life.

Tailored Treatments for Every Client
Every in-person consultation is tailored to your unique situation and goals. Rather than using a single healing method to address your needs, I call upon various approaches that span the scientifically-validated, the intuitive and subtle energy arts
The healing tools and techniques that I employ fall under the umbrella of Energy Healing. They include Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), clearing and balancing energy fields, Reiki (Usui method), holistic counselling, Focussing therapy, mindfulness meditation, intuitive healing visualisations and journeys, radesthesia (Pendulum work), Silva Method, The Reconnection, and custom blended Flower Essences.
Join me in person or schedule a convenient online appointment.
In either case, you'll access a space where you will be deeply heard, supported and guided to address what is bothering you most and to progress in your personal, professional, school or sporting life.



It's your time to shine

Are you ready to embark on (or continue) your journey of transformation and

self-discovery leading to a healthier, more empowered, and authentic you?


Schedule your initial consultation today.

Hear from clients who've experienced real results
It only took one session of tapping with Lesley to release some heavy grief and PTSD I was stuck in after experiencing a traumatic event.
Lesley is a highly gifted EFT/tapping practitioner who is now my go to for any emotional release work. Better still Lesley now has an treatment space in Lithgow, making it too easy to access her healing finesse.

Alison, Glen Davis & Lithgow

Sacred Renewal and Energy Healing Symbol.jpeg

What is Energy Healing?

Gentle. Powerful. Non-invasive.

Energy healing is a holistic practice that aims to restore balance, to enhance the body's natural healing abilities and to clear self-concepts that hold us back.

Many cultures and fields believe in subtle energies surrounding and influencing living beings. These energies have various names, like chi, prana, life force. Scientifically, the concept relates to biofields, encompassing bio-energy and electromagnetic fields and emergent research such as scalar energy.

Release Hidden Blocks & Unlock Your Potential: Energy healing offers a gentle yet profound way to navigate life's challenges and embrace a more authentic, fulfilling existence.

What to Expect During an Energy Healing Consultation with Lesley

An energy healing consultation is a collaborative experience designed to address your mind-body-spirit well-being. Every practitioner has a different style and toolkit of therapies.

During our initial discussion, we'll explore your goals and current situation. This helps me tailor the session to your unique needs.

The actual treatment itself may look simple (if a little odd at times). I might gently move my hands above or place them on your clothed body (with your consent) to guide and influence your energy flow. Sometimes, guided meditations or focussing visualisations are used to help you identify and clear an issue and allow you to connect with your inner wisdom. At other times, I might use a pendulum as a tool to gain insights into your subtle energy field. You might also experience scientifically-validated techniques, like tapping on specific accupoints while repeating simple phrases after me. For some clients, I will recommend custom-blended flower essences. These are a remedy tonic in a small dropper bottle.

On the surface is seems straightforward, however the effects are tangible and the true power lies in the client's internal experience. During the session, clients can experience emotional or physical shifts, gain clarity on underlying issues, release unhelpful beliefs, experience reduced anxiety or pain levels, shift trauma, transform beliefs and increase confidence and happiness. They typically leave feeling better and lighter. 


Let's Begin your Transformation Together.
I understand the challenges of navigating life's complexities. As a certified energy healing practitioner, I'm here to offer you a safe, compassionate space to identify and release what no longer serves you.

I believe in your potential for profound healing and growth. Consider the limitless possibilities that await when you finally release the grip of unwanted emotions, self-judgement and old experiences and narratives that have been holding you back. I'm confident that, together, we can co-create a tailored approach that addresses your unique needs


By working together, we can support you to rewrite your story, step into your power, release unwanted mind-body-spirit challenges, so that you can truly embrace the fulfilling life you deserve.​

Energy healing can be a complementary or preventative treatment. It doesn't replace conventional care. Seek the advice of your GP or healthcare professional, especially if you would like to have your current prescribed treatments re-evaluated. They will be happy to run tests and update recommendations where appropriate.

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