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Alarming Rates of Bullying in Australia: Protecting Our Youth's Mental Wellbeing

As a certified energy healer in Australia, I'm deeply concerned about the recent report highlighting the prevalence of bullying among Australian school students. According to a Guardian article, Australia has the highest rates of bullying compared to other English-speaking countries. This is a critical issue that demands immediate attention, as bullying can have a devastating impact on young adults' mental and emotional health.

The Scars of Bullying: Psychological and Mental Health Effects

Bullying isn't just name-calling, shoving in the hallway or being coerced into unwanted actions. It's a relentless assault on a young person's self-esteem, leading to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation. Studies show a clear link between bullying and mental health issues. A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology by Jamamdaa et al. (2019) found that victims of bullying had significantly increased odds (around 2 to 4 times higher) of depression and anxiety disorders compared to non-victims, with some variation across gender and age groups.

Signs to Look Out For:

Here are some crucial signs that your child might be struggling with bullying:

  • Changes in mood or personality (withdrawing, irritability)

  • Difficulty sleeping or nightmares

  • Loss of appetite or changes in eating habits

  • Decreased interest in schoolwork or activities

  • Unexplained physical ailments (headaches, stomach aches)

  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts

The Importance of Healing: Don't Let Scars Define Your Life

If you are being bullied (or you suspect your child is being bullied) it's crucial to seek help. Ignoring the issue can lead to long-term consequences, impacting your ability to trust others, build relationships, and thrive in life.

Energy Healing for Recovery: A Compassionate Approach

I believe in supporting the body's natural ability to heal. Here are some powerful energy healing modalities that can be incredibly helpful for young adults recovering from bullying:

  • EFT Tapping: This technique combines acupressure points with cognitive reframing to address negative emotions and limiting beliefs. A study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease - a meta-analysis, which combined data from 14 randomized controlled trials with 658 total participants - found that EFT tapping had a very large effect (d = 1.23) in reducing anxiety symptoms. This was significantly larger than the effect sizes seen in control groups.

"Our young people are bombarded with negativity. Bullying can leave deep wounds, but it doesn't have to define your future. Energy healing offers a safe and effective way to release emotional pain, build resilience and empower them to cultivate inner strength and self love." - Lesley White, Healing Practitioner

  • Mindfulness Meditation:  This practice cultivates present-moment awareness and reduces stress. Studies show mindfulness meditation can be effective in managing anxiety and depression.

  • Healing Visualisations:  Guided visualisations allow individuals to create a safe space for healing and self-compassion.

  • Flower Essences: These gentle remedies help address specific emotional imbalances, including many related to bullying. For instance, Mimulus essence can help overcome known fears (especially for shy people); Agrimony is for sensitive people who put on a brave face and diguise their feelings; Cherry to integrate and heal painful experiences during adolescence and Willow help balance feelings of resentment.

By acknowledging the prevalence of bullying and providing accessible healing options, we can empower our youth to build resilience, overcome emotional trauma, and step into a future filled with hope and possibility.

About the Author: Lesley White is the founder of Sacred Renewal Studios and a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner and Meditation Facilitator. She has a current working with children check and enjoys empowering young adults to gently identify and release emotions and thoughts that block their wellbeing and happiness.

Sacred Renewal Studios offers an energy healing online (globally) and in person consultations at its practice located in Lithgow, NSW, Australia.


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